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new year’s process
January 3, 2008, 8:59 pm
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on new year’s day, lusetta, sarah, and i began a process of reflection and consideration.

i encourage everyone to create their own process. it doesn’t have to take long, but the more thought put into it, the more rewarding it can be.

 start by appreciating what happened to you in 2007. then, contemplate:

1. what you gained
2. what you lost
3. what you learned
4. what surprised you

use at least one page for each of these categories and another for what you wish to create in 2008. be specific for a real rewarding process. use your senses to feel as you are experiencing the results of making your dreams come true. type it on the computer, write it in a journal, use colored markers on a flip chart… whatever reflects you at the time, so that when you look back to it, you remember your personality at the time. do it alone or with a friend or partner. sharing the process with another adds a new dimension.

think about the following categories and how you would arrange them based on your focus. add any other significant areas of your life to the list.

spiritual life

put your process in a safe place and pull it out for review over the summer. have you accomplished that you dreamt of? what do you still want to do with the rest of the year? put it back in that safe place and review it again on new year’s before you write your process for 2009.


one year together
November 13, 2007, 9:37 pm
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it was one year ago that i had the best first date of my life. it’s going to be the last first date of my life. stephanie and i are extremely happy together. i know it makes her sad when i go far away for months at a time and i don’t know anyone else who i would be able to keep healthy, honest communcation with to make a long distance relationship work as well as we have. it surprises me sometimes, really.

she’ll be here in two days. in just two days i can see her smile when i tell her in person that i love her. the phone and email are great tools, but get old fast. i’m so excited to take her by the hand and show her around yosemite. the next TWO weeks are going to be amazing.

stephie, i love you.

thoughts on the job
October 24, 2007, 12:03 am
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never ever put glue on a gallery wall. it’s just about the dumbest thing a curator could do, but he managed to do it for the obata water color exhibit we’re taking down today. i’ve spent the last 3.5 work days photographing the exhibit for the museum collection to have a record of what it looked like. of course, photographing someone else’s paintings on the walls is not representative of what i do as a photographer, but it’s still pretty neat to think that images i captured will be in the yosemite museum forever. it was a beautiful exhibit and i made sure to make good copy photographs and was told by the museum staff that they’re better than any of their other documentary work on exhibits. sweet. for hours and hours today, i helped with the gallery management. taking frames down, removing matted paintings and woodblock prints from the frames, packing the paintings, packing the frames, checking which paintings belong to the museum collection and which are on loan from the obata family, putting the paintbrushes away, taking hooks and nails out of the wall, and then…. took the plaques down, only to find that glue had been used, as well as pins, to hold them up. teh next exhibit will get a new paint coat (from blue to tan), but they are going to have to spackle over a couple spots that the glue tore the paint away from the sheet rock. while doing all of this, the one pair of jeans i have here continued to rip and i got a tack stuck under my nail. it hurt. i also accidentily spilled a bag of goldfish.

 so that’s the kind of stuff i get to do on a busy, exciting day at work. i really enjoy it.

in other news, my cell phone is totally dead. the easiest way to get in touch with me is kimloeper@gmail.com. i have a home phone number, too. i’m not always there, but there’s an answering machine that’ll kick in as long as someone else isn’t on the line (call waiting) or on dial up internet (it’ll keep ringing).

 yikes. back to work.

yo! so mighty!
September 28, 2007, 12:31 am
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well, here i am. an employee at yosemite national park. i have an  @nps.gov email address and a discount card to prove it! it’s been an interesting week. i’m sure no one could argue with me when i say that this place is absolutely beautiful. breathtaking. spectacular. the list of luscious adjectives goes on… but still, i’ve had some rough spots. i don’t have friends (yet). i didn’t meet my roommates for the first 3.5 days i was living here. i live 45-60 minutes from where i work. the bus isn’t very great. but, my supervisor, miriam, is pretty great. very high energy, which is something i’m sure will be an advantage to feed from. the job is neat. i do some pretty boring data entry stuff on museum accessions and catalogues. on tuesday, we got a loan back from a museum in oakland. i got to handle a bunch of native american baskets and paintings from yosemite. so, the better parts of the job make the mundane worth it. i get every other friday off. stephanie just booked her flight ticket to come out for TWO WEEKS over thanksgiving. i plan on doing a bunch of hikes this weekend while the weather is still “nice” but truth be told, i’m excited for snow.

as for contacting me:

i have cell phone service while i’m in yosemite valley (where i work)

there’s a house phone you can try me at on nights and weekends: 209-379-2047

i don’t have my own address yet. i’m debating on paying for a p.o. box or just using the general delivery service available at the yosemite post office. updates on that later.

facebook isn’t allowed on any computers. the department of the interior deems it inappropriate and unsafe.

email kimloeper@gmail.com anytime you want, and remember that when you call, i’m three hours behind the time in rochester/reading.

it’s time to play!

August 16, 2007, 12:20 am
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i got it!! i got the yosemite museum collection internship. i’ll be living in the park from sept 24-jan 11. any visitors, especially around the holidays, are more than welcome to visit this breath taking part of the world.

i’ve been hard at work at rit. i’m still finishing the rit fall quarter calendar. my supervisor, tara, is no longer part of the center for campus life; she’s moving down state. in her absence, i’m trying to fill her shoes. i’m helping out with the graduate and student staff training sessions. i’m overseeing the info desk and reservations in the student alumni union. i’m making sure that communication stays open in the event registration process. and, i’m on the search committee to find the new coordinator of student services. and of course i’m still working on printing my portfolio of images from croatia. yep, busy busy and it’s not easy. but i like it. just goin out with a BANG!

university news published another one of my photos for university magazine. you can view it online: here

my free time has been quite fun and is definitely needed to balance out the stress and responsibilty at work.

mom, kenny, and korinne came to visit mon-tues this week. they took a car load of my things to move back home. we went to the strong museum of play for a few hours. i’d been there before, but it’s definitely better with the company of a child. and ryan maher to take beautiful photos. we also went to the george eastman house to see the ansel adams exhibit. it was so beautiful. i’m glad i could share his prints with my family since so many of the photos were taken in yosemite and the southwest.

so i know this kid named phil. he comes over to the westbrooke house every so often on his long board. he likes to make silly comments and we generally have a good time giving each other shit. he hits on my girlfriend and i give him evil eyes. his latest thing is to make fun of my blogging. so, phil, this is for you and your crooked self! enjoy!

welcome back to blogworld
July 30, 2007, 8:04 pm
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it’s been a while. i could write about why i haven’t been updating. been busy and whatever.

but the meat and potatoes about it all is that i find out this week if i get accepted through the sca to work in yosemite national park as their museum intern. if i don’t get it, i’ll be heading to portland, oregon for a job to be determined.

i’m not leaving the east coast running away from anything, but instead running toward something. something new. something exciting. something adventurous. something different.

it’s almost over
May 22, 2007, 2:32 pm
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and it’s a rough time when you realize you’re not as strong as  you thought.

less strength comes from within than it does from the people i trust. i’m going to be the happiest lady in the world when i get to see my loves again.


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